To see a little more about the types of talent and young people we have helped – click here   It’s been quite a journey and we are excited to see what your new application might bring…

So if you’re exceptional, stand out from the crowd with a history of big achievements, want to go on to make a difference to your life and the lives of others but struggle because of genuine financial limitations  – we could help.

How to Apply

There are 5 key stages to our application process.

1st Complete our online form telling us about you and how we could help.

**Be sure to highlight what makes you exceptional, your history of achievements, financial barriers and how you give back to others using your talent.**

2nd Follow-up & Eligibility (see criteria below)  – If your application matches our criteria, we’ll need to follow up on supporting information, references, online links and evidence of financial limitations. We won’t take forward applications if there’s insufficient information provided to show a match to our criteria.

3rd –Due Diligence – we’ll review all supporting information, online profiles, professional references, and evidence of financial limitations.

4th Decision TimeRealising Dreams Foundation Trustees will review all information provided to consider which applicants most meet our criteria and should be offered an award.

5th Feedback – We will reply to every application. And for successful applicants we will send a detailed award letter & consent form outlining the terms and conditions.

Apply Now

It’s easy to apply. Fill out the form below and click on the Apply Now button and let us help grow your dreams! Give as much detail as possible.

Name *

Age *

What is your talent? What is your dream?
Please provide background about what makes you exceptional – your achievements, goals, and values. How do you stand out above the crowd?

How can we help? What efforts have you made to secure funds elsewhere?
Include details about the costs you are requesting, the length of time the award would cover and how you qualify as having genuine financial limitations*. We expect our applicants and their families to contribute what they can and have made efforts to secure funding elsewhere.

Giving Back
How do you, or will you use your talent to make a difference to your life and the lives of others eg teaching, fundraising, charity work etc. Also give details about how you give back to those who support you.

Professional references
Please provide two email contacts for professional references that we can contact in support of your talent, dream and financial limitations.

Online or video footage
Provide links to any online clips, features, news items etc that would bring your talent to life.

Postal address *


Postcode *

Name of current school/college

Email *

Where did you hear about us

*We will request supporting evidence eg. P60 tax return, copy of benefits entitlements, recent bank statements.

Am I eligible?

RDF Key Criteria for Consideration:

– aged 5-21years

– proven track record in talent, with drive and a commitment to succeed

– able to show history of significant success in their talent eg. academic results/ competition/event success or, in the field of performing arts, – lead roles in major performances

– have no other avenues, opportunities or training which could allow them to realise their dreams

– show financial limitations, benefits/tax credits eligibility and difficulty securing funding elsewhere

– Demonstrate a willingness to work hard and make reasonable sacrifices to secure funding yourself through job, fundraising

– Show efforts to secure funding elsewhere and from other charities have failed

– demonstrate how this will make a difference to your life

–  already inspire or give back to others and would support the growth of our foundation

You must be specific about how long you’ll need the funding for and be able to provide banking information for an official third party* to enable the Realising Dreams Foundation to provide the finance on your behalf.

*Funding will not be given directly to the applicant. All awards are provided through an official third party to ensure funds are only used as intended.

What Happens Next?

We will review every application we receive and will aim to reply within a couple of weeks.  If you meet our criteria we will contact you for more information and request supporting evidence where necessary. Once we have gathered all the information and carried out the necessary checks our trustees will consider a decision on each applicant.

Please complete our application form and send it to us via email  – or by post to:

Realising Dreams Foundation
60 Pacific Quay
Glasgow G51 1DZ
+44 (0)141 270 7677

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