Three Years Realising Dreams

Today we celebrate our 3rd birthday! Wow!
It’s been a wonderful journey from our small charitable beginnings in 2015. We are incredibly proud of everyone we have helped and everything that they have achieved with a little help from The Realising Dreams Foundation.

The last year especially has marked a turning point as word has spread about how we help young people with talent, drive and ambition to realise their dreams.

Applications are rising every month and so are the numbers of people we are supporting – each one demonstrating an established talent, the determination to succeed and dreams that may not come true without outside support.

All we do is provide a little funding – the real magic always comes from within our applicants.
We love watching everyone’s dreams take flight and we can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Happy birthday Realising Dreams Foundation!

Celebrating 3 years of Realising Dreams