The Realising Dreams Foundation’s prime sponsor is BiP Solutions Ltd.

Based in Glasgow Scotland, BiP Solutions Ltd. is a leading provider of supply chain information and operational systems.

BIP Solutions

BiP Solutions Ltd. has a long history of supporting charitable work both in the United Kingdom and around the globe. Over the last eight years BiP Solutions Ltd has raised and donated over £250,000 to charities.

We are incredibly thankful to BiP Solutions Ltd, their staff and the role they play as our charity’s major sponsor and supporter. They have committed and donated over £30,000 to the Realising Dreams Foundation.



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We welcome the opportunity to work with other organisations that have an ethos of corporate social responsibility and wish to support the valued work of the Foundation.

Sponsors may choose to support financially or through providing resources in support of specific initiatives or funds to cover the general work of the Foundation.

Sponsors are encouraged to help us find individuals worthy of support from the Foundation.

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