The Realising Dreams Foundation

“Our mission is to transform lives and communities by helping today’s children and young people achieve and exceed their potential and become outstanding citizens of tomorrow’s world”
Ron Burges – founder of The Realising Dreams Foundation

About Us

The Realising Dreams Foundation is a charity set up by Glasgow based businessman Ron Burges in 2015. In his role as CEO of BIP Solutions he was keen that his company and his employees took opportunities to fundraise and give back to worthy causes.

The Realising Dreams Foundation has been set up to extend that work.

Who can we help?

It supports individual children and young people (aged 5 to 21 years old) with a talent, drive and ambition who haven’t been able to realise their dreams because of a lack of funding or support from other charities.

No matter where they live, their current circumstances or family history, each young person has the potential to shape their future and become valued citizens of tomorrow.

We are happy to consider applications from the UK and across the world. To find out more about what we have achieved so far click here to showcase some of the amazing talent we are privileged to supprot.

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How we can help

Too often, children grow up failing to achieve their full potential due to basic needs that could be reasonably and easily addressed if given a little support whether financial, material or emotional.

We offer financial support which can help access to education, training, equipment or the provision of more basic essentials, such as clothing, food and water if these are the barriers to a child achieving their potential.


  • If its access to education, we could help pay for a course
  • If you are on the way to success but need vital equipment to achieve your goal, we could provide financial support to help you purchase what you need
  • It might be a sporting or musical talent that needs extra support

Am I Eligible for Help?

To receive support from The Realising Dreams Foundation you must:

  • be aged between 5 and 21 years
  • be able to demonstrate a commitment to your dream
  • have been unable to secure funding from another organisation or charity
  • provide two professional referees in support of your application
  • demonstrate your barriers to raising the funding yourself
  • outline how any funding given will be used
  • say how long you’ll need the funding for
  • provide banking information to enable the Realising Dreams Foundation to provide the finance on your behalf.
  • Funding will not be given directly to the applicant. The Foundation will link directly with the organisation, company or supplier necessary to complete the funding agreed.

We want to help make a difference, so get in touch and see if we can help you realise your dreams

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Realising Dreams in the UK and abroad

Realising Dreams in the UK and abroad

Together we can make a difference

One child growing up in a poor community given the chance to achieve their abilities can become the adult of tomorrow who changes the world for their family and community.

“We cannot make this happen for every child and young person but where we can, we will.”

The more donations the Realising Dreams Foundation receives the greater our ability to help. Everyone can play their part in developing the children and young people into the valued citizens of tomorrow through their donations, fundraising or direct engagement in support of the charity’s work.

Our aim is to ensure over 90% of every donation you commit is used directly to enrich the lives of the children the Foundation supports around the world. So please support us in our support of others.