Privacy Policy

Our foundation values the relationship we build with our applicants and the agencies we work alongside. We want you to know we are committed to protecting any personal information you give us while we support exceptional and talented young people.

As part of our commitment to the General Data Protection laws, we can reassure you that the personal data you consent to provide to us, particularly during the application process, is held securely and will never be shared with any third parties.

This data is used solely to ensure that we are providing funds to those who meet our criteria and therefore are most in need of our support.

Our key criteria is to support those:

  • 5-21 years old
  • with a history of significant achievements in their talent
  • who show a commitment and pathway to success
  • who can demonstrate they are unable to meet costs/funds themselves – through earned income or support from other organisations
  • with a desire to make a difference to their life and the lives of others

1    Why and how do we use your personal data?

We exclusively use your personal data for the purposes of the application process to check your eligibility against our key criteria. Only general personal information is then used in our promotion of those who become successful applicants. All promotion is done with prior consent from the applicant/or parent if the applicant is below 18years old.

2 What personal data do we collect?

Our online application requests that you consent to provide the standard fields of name/address/email/age of applicant/your talent and what support you are requesting.  This is initially matched against our key criteria

Second Phase Applications

For those who move on to the second application phase, we then request supporting evidence to show the level to which you genuinely struggle to provide the funding either yourself or through other organisations as well as supporting references (to meet our criteria).

Financial evidence & data

Any supporting financial information provided by you eg Benefits entitlements, salary information, bank statements, P60s are ONLY held by us for the length of application process.

Whether an application is approved or declined, this personal financial information is then deleted and removed from our files.

Referees data & references

  • In addition we will ask you to provide email contacts for those willing to act as referees.
  • Any references provided are held until a decision is made.
  • If the applicant is successful, these references will be held on file until the period of the award has passed, then deleted.
  • We would potentially approach these referees (using the emails provided) for further information and reviews if these were relevant to the award made.

3      How long do we keep data?

  • For successful applicants, general detail including references will be held until the individual is no longer being supported by an award from RDF
  • For both successful and unsuccessful applicants, specific financial supporting evidence will be deleted at the end of the application process, whether or not an award is made.
  • Initial applications made to us will often be followed up by a request by us for clarification and more detail.  These applications will be held securely for up to one year (for records and recording purposes) and then deleted.
  • We will maintain a secure electronic database holding names, talents, dates of applications (without specific addresses/emails) solely for our general records and to monitor the growth of our foundation

4      Promoting our Foundation

We believe in following in the footsteps of our successful applicants, as their dreams become a reality. We love to celebrate successes and bringing our foundation to life for a new audience by promoting the journey of all the amazing talent we support. But we can assure you this promotion will all be done with your approval.

We will draft news updates/posts – at various stages – with you to agree and request you provide images suitable for use on our website and social media platforms.  And with your agreement, we will like/share and spread the word about your successes using your own social media. In turn we hope you will take opportunities to support our growth in your social media.

5      Foundation Progress and Fundraising

From time to time, we may contact you with updates on the progress of the foundation and make you aware of opportunities to add your support to the growth of our charity.

If you would like to be removed from this list or have any other questions then please email us at