Jordan Inspires with Winning Approach

The Realising Dreams Foundation’s latest award goes to Scottish badminton player Jordan. Jordan’s passion for badminton drives him through a rigorous programme of training in a bid to perfect his technique and increase his chances of both national and international success.  

He recently won the title of Scottish Student Sport (SSS) Colleges Scottish Champion 2018 as well as runner up in the Glasgow District Churches Badminton Association (GDCBA) Annual Championships. In 2017 Jordan also represented Scotland in Slovakia, Polish and Welsh Badminton Internationals which helped him to jump more than 400 places in the world rankings. 

On top of his weekly training Jordan works two jobs to help fund his training, competition and equipment costs. All this as well as achieving an HND in Sports Therapy, which he hopes one day will allow him to help other aspiring athletes during their training journeys. 

Jordan impressed us not only with his talent and drive but by his work ethic and desire to inspire others through his coaching.  His own challenging journey means he brings a down to earth motivation to those he coaches as well as his many social media followers (Instagram: @jordanedgar97)

We find it refreshing to see an applicant who shares both the ups and downs of their experiences giving us all valuable opportunities for reflection on what makes a true winner.  We can often learn more from the challenges and disappointments in life than we can from the wins. Jordan displays the mental strength and focus of a winner.  We look forward to following his progress and hope our award will make a difference to his badminton dreams. 

Jordan Inspires with winning approach to sport success