5 Years of Realising Dreams

5 years of Realising Dreams! 5 magical years supporting exceptional talent who have been limited in realising their dreams because of financial limitations.

Our very own journey has seen us work alongside a wide variety of talents; singers, actors, performers, athletes from various national and international sports as well as supporting over 30 children with educational sponsorships in schools in Arusha, Tanzania.

We’ve built valued relationships with our talented applicants – celebrating their successes and offering financial support and words of encouragement when needed. We really love getting to know everyone we support. It’s not a straight road to success, but everyone needs to have people believe in them. We believe in your dreams and are delighted to play a small role in helping you get there.

We are also grateful to the growing support we receive from the organisations we provide funding through. Indeed many of our new applications are thanks to them helping us spread the word to a new generation talent. Keep it coming!

To our donors, sponsors and other supporters – a heartfelt thank you! Without your generous donations – small or large, recurring or one off – we would not be able to make such a difference to so many lives.

Our Growing Community – We are very proud of what we see as our Realising Dreams family – applicants, partner organisations, donors, sponsors and supporters.

We love the fact that we are building a supportive community through our connections at The Realising Dreams Foundation and are excited at the possibility we could make this even more collaborative in the coming years adding new skills and expertise available to our applicants.

If you have any ideas you’d like to suggest or are interested in offering your skills/expertise to our candidates as part of this growing community, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

We have loved every minute of our journey at The Realising Dreams Foundation and are excited to see what the next 5 years will hold for us and those we work alongside. Bring it on!