Conservatory Clarinetist Receives Award

The Realising Dreams Foundation has extended a second award in the USA to musician Cristian.
Cristian’s musical talents won him a full scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he has been studying clarinet and performing with the San Francisco Youth Orchestra for 2 years now.
While his scholarship to a prestigious music college gives him free tuition, Cristian has still been forced to take on loans and additional jobs – including as a music teacher – to boost his income and cover his basic living costs.
His love of music began when he was very young playing first guitar, then clarinet and also saxophone. And while his musical abilities now give him every chance of becoming a professional clarinet player, the lack of an essential instrument, an ‘A’ Clarinet, has meant he has had to turn down many high profile performance opportunities – until now.
Our foundation had not intended to extend a second musical award to a clarinet player. But when Cristian applied looking for support to cover costs for a second-hand ‘A’ Clarinet, we felt compelled to consider his application.
His full scholarship and excellent references backed up his exceptional musical skill. Cristian showed determination in overcoming ongoing financial difficulties by taking on extra jobs including giving back as a clarinet teacher to the next generation of musicians like him. And yet all of these measures have not proved enough for him to raise the funds to purchase even a second hand ‘A’ Clarinet putting him at a disadvantage among his fellow students.
The Realising Dreams Foundation has agreed to contribute towards the costs of his second hand clarinet and we look forward to following his musical successes in the coming months.

Cristian receives award to support training at San Francisco Conservatory