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The Realising Dreams Foundation is starting 2018 on the look out for new talents.  Over the last three years we have worked alongside some fantastic young people eager to make a difference with the talents they have worked hard to develop.

We’ve supported a wide variety of talents such as teaching, football, swimming, graphic design, ballet, badminton, motocross and some dancing, singing and acting stars of the future in performing arts.  But we know there’s so much more we can do and more talents still untouched.

There’s lots of ways to find out more on our website, facebook, instagram and Youtube channel. You’ll be able to read all about the types of people we have helped to give you a better idea as to whether you could be next?

Stay in touch on our website, facebook, instagram and YouTube channel.

To be eligible your application should meet the following criteria.
Applicants should:-
– be aged 5-21 years old
– demonstrate drive and commitment to a talent, skills, ambition or dream
– show evidence of success in your field
– have struggled to cover the costs requested without support
– be unable to secure significant financial support from other charities/organisations
– demonstrate how this would make a difference to your life (pathway to a career/job)
– demonstrate how you (currently or plan to) give back or inspire others using your skills.
We look forward to hearing from our next round of applicants!