Glasgow Musicians Grow Dreams with New Speaker

Lucie (14), Hannah (15) and Philippa (15) from Glasgow are the latest recipients of support from The Realising Dreams Foundation to build their music careers.

The three girls are the talented individuals behind the band Mia Sorella, a female pop vocals ensemble that came together at Stellar Musical Theatre Company. Philippa has also gone on to compete in several of the Producers Rounds of The Voice Kids UK as part of a duo. All of the girls train in dancing, singing, and acting on top of performing regular gigs and busking to raise their band’s profile.

They each work hard to develop their talents and give back to both local communities and a range of charities, including fundraising for The Beatson Cancer Centre and The British Heart Foundation.

Recently, busking funds have been directed towards saving for new microphones as well as new speakers after their old ones stopped working. Busking without a speaker has proved a huge challenge and limited their progress and ability to earn and gain exposure.

The Realising Dreams Foundation has stepped in at this pivotal time to offer the purchase of a new Roland Street Cube EX through a local independent music retailer, Haydock Music. This new speaker can host two wired microphones and will allow the girls to begin busking again to raise funds for a second speaker.

The trustees felt that in these circumstances, a small award from The Realising Dreams Foundation could have a massive impact on the three girls’ chances of success. We wish the girls all the best in their future music endeavors – both individually and through Mia Sorella!

The girls are each working hard on their singing