Hajira and Vivian Take Education to the Next Level

Two of our Tanzania pupils – Hajira and Vivian – have excelled academically showing great ambition and potential to succeed in any career they choose. This exceptional talent and drive has led The Realising Dreams Foundation to extend sponsorships for these two girls to cover secondary school education at Enaboishu Secondary School.

Vivian and Hajira have been supported by The Realising Dreams Foundation for several years. These two girls stood out with their consistently high results, commitment and desire to take their education to the next level.

Over the last four years, we’ve provided educational sponsorships for nearly 20 primary pupils in partnership with two primary schools in Tanzania. All of our pupils have blossomed and benefitted from a high standard of teaching including English. Where pupils have chosen to move on to secondary we have provided additional funds for school supplies including stationery, uniform and school bags.

In the case of Vivian and Hajira their academic results highlighted the need to consider a private secondary school that would challenge their abilities and allow them the opportunity to realise their potential and choose their career path.

It has been wonderful to watch these girls blossom. We are delighted to continue our journey with Vivian and Hajira at Enaboishu Secondary and look forward to celebrating their achievements over the coming year as they settle into their new school.

Two very bright stars now studying at Enaboishu Secondary in Tanzania.