Issy Excels at SLP College Leeds

Issy (19) refused to allow financial barriers to prevent her from realising her passion for dance and performing. Since falling in love with ballet at a young age, she has successfully chased scholarships and bursaries that have allowed her to progress at Elmhurst Ballet School and most recently at SLP College Leeds.

Now at the final hurdle, The Realising Dreams Foundation, has stepped in to offer support with vocal coaching and photography for portfolio headshots giving her a springboard into auditions and her professional career.

Throughout her training, Issy has been known and applauded for her determination to work for her success both in and out of school. She has taken on part time work when possible but always made time to return to her local dance school to teach and choreograph for the next generation of dancers.

At SLP College Leeds she has excelled and was this year unanimously chosen by her tutors to receive the class award for Quality, Perseverance and Dedication.

Although she secured a prestigious DADA to cover her course fees at SLP, Issy and her family have still struggled to cover additional expenses especially in this final year as she prepares to complete her course and battle for professional roles.

The world of performing arts is fiercely competitive with very few professional roles for the numbers auditioning. To be successful you have to stand out as exceptional. Issy has put in all the hard work -consistently fighting to secure funding, proving herself with her rigorous training programme on top of classes and always being grateful to those who have helped her along the way.

The Realising Dreams Foundation is delighted to join her support team as she completes this stage of her training. We hope it makes a difference to her future performing career. We’ll look for her under the bright lights of a big stage in the near future.

Issy is a skilled ballet dancer