Jake climbs his way to the top

The Realising Dreams Foundation is giving 15 year old Jake Collins an award to help his climb to the top – quite literally.

His love and talent for climbing began when he was young with Jake competing in climbing and bouldering competition since he was just eight. After years of training his talent is flourishing and with a steady stream of impressive climbing accolades he is in contention for a place in the British team.

In just the last 12 months Jake has amassed a lengthy list of competitive titles finishing in top places including:

  • 1st in the Scottish Bouldering championships
  • 1st in the Irish lead climbing championships
  • 1st in the Blokefest bouldering championships
  • 1st in the British Bouldering Open Championships
  • 2nd in the Welsh lead climbing championships

    Jake Collins from Sussex is climbing his way to the top

But Jake has his sights firmly set on securing a place in the British team and his ultimate dream is to compete in the Olympics after climbing was officially included as an official Olympic sport.

Jake’s coach Robin O’Leary believes Jake has what it takes to succeed. He said: “ Jake has become a credible competitor. He’s not only a strong and upcoming athlete but he is also a great ambassador for climbing as a sport.

“He regularly takes time to coach younger athletes in our squad and is an inspiration to them. He now needs to capitalize on his recent success with additional training that could make the difference to secure a coveted place in the British team. He could go all the way.”

Big ambitions for a teenager who is determined to find a way to realise this dream. But the reality is that the costs of extended training, increased competitions, travel and equipment are extremely high. His recent success means now is the time for Jake to take up the opportunities of additional training sessions something that has been severely limited because of financial pressures.

To give Jake a fighting chance, The Realising Dreams Foundation has stepped in to alleviate some of the financial pressures with an award to cover Jake’s upcoming performance squad costs.

Foundation Chairman, Ron Burges concluded:” Jake has put in years of hard graft to develop his climbing talent. He has shown great dedication to the sport he loves, literally climbed his way through the ranks and should absolutely be given this opportunity to show what could happen next.

“We will watch his progress and believe he will be capable of great things. Good luck Jake!”