Jenna’s on a Role with NYT

Jenna, 21, from Liverpool will be embarking on an exciting new stage in her acting career as she beings a three-week intensive course at the National Youth Theatre, with the support of the Realising Dreams Foundation.

Jenna has already demonstrated a strong dedication to her craft, having completed a 2-year acting and musical theatre course at Rare Studios. She played Sarah in ‘The Salon’ alongside Philip Oliver, Sarah White and Peter Amory, and has a range of experience with roles in advertising, music videos and independent short films. She dreams of one day being a professional actor on TV or with a travelling theatre company, and inspire other young people to go after their ambitions.

However, it wasn’t just Jenna’s varied portfolio that interested the trustees – her self-sufficiency and determination in realizing her dream thus far was also impressive. Jenna juggles a part time job with her classes and acting roles, as well as independent study, dedicating countless hours a week to covering costs herself as much as possible. She saves every penny she can, as well as organizing very successful fundraisers.

Jenna has used all the resources at her disposal to grow and develop her talent, but even after a 50% bursary from NYT the remaining costs were out of reach. The Realising Dreams Foundation is excited to be sponsoring such a hardworking and independent young woman in the pursuit of her dreams.