Kenya leaves its mark on student teacher

Kensey – our student primary school teacher has recently returned from her trip to work with disadvantaged kids in Kenya.

Kensey is part way through a primary school teaching course, but knew that there would be huge benefits to taking up the opportunity of experiencing teaching abroad to widen her teaching skills at the same time as giving back to children who are less fortunate.

While away, she was able to help rebuild run-down facilities as well as teaching the children.

Kensey explained: “We helped with building work on the site for the new school, digging foundations and moving rocks as well as painting all the doors and windows at the school.

‘’It was an incredible experience to teach out in Kenya covering a range of different lessons. And as promised I shared my love of dance, by helping to create a dance that the whole school learnt and recorded. We also worked with the children to paint a mural that will be a lasting memory to our trip there.

“I learnt so much about the children and their lifestyle as well as developing so much more confidence! It was an eye opening experience and I am glad I went. It was great to be able to use my knowledge and experiences to be able to teach them in a way they wouldn’t usually be taught. It is something I will carry with me through the rest of my teaching.”