New talents needed

We’re on the look out for applications from new talents we’ve not yet supported. We’ve helped lost of young people from various talents – including swimming, football, motocross, design, teaching and performing arts –  but could you be next?

? MUSICAL THEATRE ? – Musical theatre has an impressive youth talent base and recently our foundation has been receiving significant numbers of applications from this field. We have now filled places for musical theatre funding but we will reopen to new applications for Autumn 2018.

Our current stars:
This year we’re delighted to have offered various awards to musical theatre applicants looking for contributions towards ongoing professional schools, courses and placements. We are excited to see how these opportunities help them realise their dreams. Each one of them is a rising star eager to soak up the training, inspire others and pursue a career on the stage.

New talents:
We’ll continue our search for those who demonstrate exceptional talent, drive and ambition but who have genuine financial limitations which prevent them from pursuing their dreams any other way. But our foundation has to be mindful of its limitations and remember that there are also many other fields of talent beyond musical theatre that we must equally support.

Wishing all our future stars the very best,

-The Realising Dreams Foundation team