Realising Dreams Brings Education Overseas

The Realising Dreams Foundation is pleased to announce its two annual Project Trust sponsors for 2018. Orla (18) from Chesham, and Dagmara (17) from Irvine will be realising their dreams of volunteering abroad as teachers for a year with the charity Project Trust.  

Orla will be teaching English and ITC in Nepal, while Dagmara will be teaching Science in Guyana. Both girls demonstrated an incredible passion for charity work and education, and impressed the trustees with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for helping others.  

Project Trust requires their applicants to fundraise to cover the costs for their placement. We were encouraged to see how hard both candidates have worked to fundraise. The Realising Dreams Foundation was happy to cover some of the remaining cost. 

In her final year of school Dagmara took the Scottish Baccalaureate Award in science, and intends to pursue science at university. She is looking forward to teaching others about her favourite subject, and one day hopes to teach science full time. Passionate about giving back, she described what inspired her to pursue this project. ‘My mum has always reminded me how fortunate I am to have a good education and to live in such a stable environment. As I’ve grown up, I have realised this for myself. My gap year will be a rewarding opportunity to give back and give others the best possible opportunity I can.’ 

Orla has a genuine love of teaching, and currently tutors piano for 2 hours a week as well as volunteering at her local running club. With a fervent love of languages, she is thrilled at the chance to immerse herself in Nepali culture. When discussing her plans with us, Orla explained ‘I would like to give back to another community what I have gained from mine, and share the skills that I have developed. This project will support a community with a lack of employment and an under-resourced education system.’  

We look forward to following their educational and cultural adventures.

Dagmara is excited to be a part of educating future generations

Orla looks forward to her next adventure