Realising Dreams of Education for 11 Pupils in Tanzania


The Realising Dreams Foundation has announced it will sponsor the education of 11 pupils from The Charity English Medium School in Arusha, Tanzania.

This award of £1900 to the primary school marks the beginning of a partnership with The Realising Dreams Foundation.

In addition to work in the UK to support individual children and young people with drive, talent and ambition, The Realising Dreams Foundation keen to find a project abroad that they could support and work with to improve young lives and educational opportunities.

The boys and girls from Arusha in Tanzania are all aged between 8-11years old in Class 3, 4 & 5 at the primary school.  The Foundation intends to make sure that these children are not prevented from achieving their dreams simply because their parents can’t continue to meet school costs.

The final years of primary cement the education giving these youngsters an important chance of moving on to secondary school. But often pupils are taken out by their families to take jobs earning much needed money.

Chair of The Realising Dreams Foundation, Ron Burges explained: ”We are a relatively new foundation just at the start of our charitable journey but we are acutely aware that there is no shortage of good causes or people we could support.

“ I was very impressed by The Charity English Medium School in Tanzania.  It was started by one inspiring local man – Moses Mollel – who shares our desire to provide kids with a better standard of education including the chance to learn English.  Together we want these pupils to be equipped to go on to realise their dreams.

 “Moses inspiring school has now attracted over 140 pupils.  Their families sacrifice what they can to contribute to the school costs, but they need rely on sponsorship and other donations to cover costs and improve teaching materials and accommodation.

“We have been working alongside them for several months and the sponsorship of these 11 pupils at the upper primary level marks the beginning of our support.  We are keen to extend sponsorship over time as well as exploring other opportunities to improve the children’s experience at school as it grows.

”We look forward to sharing with our own donors news about how these children flourish.’’

Pupils and parents at the school in Tanzania celebrated their end of term together last week.  Headteacher, Moses Mollel added:”There was such excitement at the school when parents heard the news of support from The Realising Dreams Foundation.  We are extremely grateful for all their interest in support and are honoured they have chosen to help us.

“As our pupils get older, their families struggle to continue to pay for their education and they are at greater risk of being taken out of school by their parents to work.  But I see the potential, so many of them are smart and capable of going on to choose their career own path.

“Sponsorship is a lifeline for our pupils and the best Christmas present these kids could get.  We are excited to see what the future holds for our links with The Realising Dreams Foundation.”

The pupils being sponsored are:

Class 3

Fanuel Samwel (8)
Aziza Daudi (8)
Devotha Brayton (9)
Julieth Sebastian (8)

Class 4

Alen Edward (8)
Aisha Awazi (10)

Class 5

Derrick Joseph (11)
Fredy Joseph (10)
Edith Joel
Devis Tarimo (10)
Adbuly Omary (9)