REPSOL makes a marathon effort for The Realising Dreams Foundation


REPSOL Nuevas Energias UK Limited have presented The Realising Dreams Foundation with a cheque for Euro 4,000 (c. £2,820) after a marathon fundraising effort by its employees at this year’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) in May 2015.

Repsol is a global energy company whose UK arm, Repsol Nuevas Energias UK Ltd, promotes and develops offshore wind farms.  With their UK base in Edinburgh, a team of 16 employees were keen to take part in this year’s Edinburgh Half Marathon as part of their Healthy Working Lives (HWL) team.

The Repsol team completed an impressive total of 131miles (211km) across the various half marathon, 10km and 5km runs.  Many of the Repsol HWL team now have the running bug and are thinking about signing up for other running races.

The Repsol management team was delighted to support their employees, agreeing to provide corporate sponsorship that would be donated to The Realising Dreams Foundation.

The Realising Dreams Foundation was launched earlier this year.  It aims to helps individual children and young people with talent, drive and ambition who haven’t been able to realise their dreams because of a lack of funding or support from other places.

Ronnie Bonnar, Repsol Nuevas Energias UK’s Managing Director said:

“Repsol has created a HWL group in Edinburgh and is working towards achieving the HWL Bronze award. As part of this initiative we have been involved in a variety of activities including the Step Count Challenge, Movember and the EMF marathon weekend, raising money for charity where we can.

Globally Repsol has been actively supporting a number of charities as well as initiatives that improve the healthy working lives of its employees.

We were delighted to make this local contribution to the Realising Dreams Foundation and we hope this raises awareness of healthy working lives within the wider business community”.

On 13 August, Linda Andrews and Johan Kerr from The Realising Dreams Foundation met with Ronnie Bonnar from Repsol to receive their generous donation.

Linda Andrews a trustee from The Realising Dreams Foundation said: “We were delighted to meet members of the team who ran in this year’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF).

‘’It really was an amazing achievement and we are so honoured that Repsol chose our charity to donate to.” RDF trustee continued: “This donation is a wonderful boost to our fundraising totals which have this year topped £40,000.00 “We have recently made awards to support young people through sailing training qualifications as well as our work to install wifi for pupils at Govan High School.

“This is just the beginning of our foundation’s journey and we look forward to putting this latest donation to good use helping even more young people realise their dreams.”

If you know someone who wants to make a difference; someone with a real talent, a drive and a dream, then the Realising Dreams Foundation might just be able to help!