Rising Star of Angling Casts Off For England

The Realising Dreams Foundation has been searching for new talents to support and has cast a wide net to find our latest recipient, Dillon – a young angler from Sussex.

17 year-old Dillon caught his first fish at 5 years old, and has been dedicated to the sport ever since. In the past two years he has competed in multiple regional fishing tournaments and finished in the top half for every time.  

 In March, he took the top angling spot out of 140 in the biggest angling league in the south of England, the Southern Sea Angling League and Opens. His consistent achievements have earned him a coveted place on the England angling team competing at the Four Nations International competition being held at Loch Fyne.  

Representing his country has been Dillon’s dream and he hopes that if we can impress at the four nations it could lead to more international call-ups for the upcoming Youth and Under 21 World Championships. 

Unfortunately, funding for competitive angling can prove challenging, and although Dillon and his family work incredibly hard to cover costs themselves, the expenses of bigger competitions can be overwhelming.  

Dillon not only pursues angling for his dreams, but also has an apprenticeship at a fishing company Tronixpro.  He lives and breathes fishing and angling at work and at play, even dedicating early mornings, late nights and weekends to his sport. Dillon’s manager George at Tronixpro, says he has an incredible knowledge of fishing and his dedication to the sport is unquestionable.  

The Realising Dreams Foundation were impressed by his hard work and talent. We’re excited to support Dillon in his upcoming angling competition and feel confident it will be the start of  his international angling career. 

Dillon added: “I am very grateful for RDF for giving me their full support. The Four Nations is going to be a test and it’s going to be hard. But one thing I have always wanted to do is fish for my country and there won’t be anything better than winning gold. The future is bright and young, the next step for me is to work hard and get picked again next year for the England youth team, whether four nations or world championships. In the long term I want to keep fishing and make my way up the ladder to the senior team in the coming years.” 

Dillon displays catch of the day ahead of Four Nations call-up