Thomas Set for Senegal Teaching Year


The Realising Dreams Foundation has awarded £1,200 to Thomas Dixon to enable him to realise his dream to travel and teach English to high school pupils in Senegal as part of a placement organized through The Project Trust.

Thomas Dixon is an ambitious young man with plans to study Art History At Cambridge University. In his application he expressed his love of art and travel and his desire to see more of the world to better appreciate other cultures. Although Thomas is academically gifted, he has not been fortunate enough to be able to travel to experience difference countries and their cultures for himself.

Thomas said: “I believe travel is hugely important in understanding culture on an international level. You have to experience life in a very different society to gain new perspectives and widen your own understanding of life and the world. I have a deep interest in art and culture and would ultimately like to work as a curator or art academic.”Thomas Dixon

Thomas’ zest for learning has seen him achieve good grades, high praise from his teachers and a place at Cambridge University – he has even taught himself Japanese. Thomas is also keen to use his academic talents to help others. He has volunteered at his local primary school helping children with maths, writing and spelling as well as working with an after school art club.

His teacher Ms Mackay says” Thomas is extremely clever, talented and a diligent young man. His passion for knowledge shines through everything he does.”

RDF Trustee Sam Hunter added: “Thomas has impressed our foundation with his talent, drive and ambition as well as demonstrating a clear commitment to using his own talents to help others.

“Over the last 12 months, Thomas has constantly fundraised successfully raising the vast majority of the funds he needs to take part in his 12month placement in Senegal. By providing a grant of £1200 The Realising Dreams Foundation has helped him reach the total needed for him to begin his year’s adventure teaching young people in Senegal.”