Violet – star of stage and school

Meet 12 year old Violet from London who has become the latest star for The Realising Dreams Foundation.

Over the next two years, The Realising Dreams Foundation has agreed to provide funds to enable Violet to attend the Arts Educational Schools of London.

Violet has an extraordinary talent for singing and acting which, with no formal training, won her a lead role in the west end production of Matilda in 2014.

Since then, her ability, hard work and commitment has helped her secure roles in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. In each of these roles she has soaked up every ounce of the training she has been given.

But what was missing was the right school for Violet to continue her studies as well as develop her passion for acting and singing. After much searching Violet set her heart on attending The Arts Educational Schools of London – a specialist school dedicated not only to an academic education but also to the performing arts.

Finding the costs to fund her place proved near impossible. Despite being able to contribute towards the costs, Violet and her mum found themselves desperately looking for a way to guarantee the shortfall. They were unsuccessful with many other charities, trusts and beneficiaries, until they came across our foundation.

Chairman Ron Burges explained: “Violet has star quality! While in her role as Matilda, she found herself able to inspire other young girls eager to learn about a life on the stage. Violet came from no formal background. She followed her dreams and was lucky enough to make them come true on the stage.
“Now she needs our help to take the next step in her career at a school that will give her a solid education alongside the right training in the performing arts.”

Violet added: “”I’m so honoured to have received this funding. It will change my future and means I can carry on training and performing which is my passion. Thank you to The Realising Dreams Foundation who have helped make this happen.”

Ron added:“Our foundation was set up to find people just like Violet. Young people with a talent who desperately want to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others. Our applicants simply need someone else to believe in them and help them on their journey.

“We have no doubt that, at the Arts Educational Schools of London, Violet’s star will continue to shine brightly. We have no doubt her story and her journey will inspire others to follow their dreams.”

Violet Tucker who played a lead role in Matilda the musical in London's west end

Violet Tucker who played a lead role in Matilda the musical in London’s west end